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De Bowie à Radiohead, de Lou Reed à Miossec, FIP mêle le rock à la pop dans une sélection musicale qui traverse les genres et les époques.

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Pochette de l'album "The nightfly" par Donald Fagen
Green flower streetDonald Fagen (1982)
AlbumThe nightflyLabelWB

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  • 04h43
    Lou Reed - Walk on the wild side
    Walk on the wild sideLou Reed (1972)
    AlbumEssential Lou ReedLabelRCA
  • 04h40
    Nancy Sinatra - These boots are made for walkin'
    These boots are made for walkin'Nancy Sinatra (1966)
    AlbumThese boots are made for walkin'LabelNANCY S
  • 04h35
    Girls In Hawaii - Catwalk
    CatwalkGirls In Hawaii (2004)
    AlbumFrom here to thereLabelNAIVE
  • 04h31
    The All Seeing I - Walk like a panther
    Walk like a pantherThe All Seeing I (1999)
    AlbumPickled eggs & sherbetLabelWEA
  • 04h28
    Milkymee - In a rented room
    In a rented roomMilkymee (2010)
    AlbumTo all the ladies in the place with style & graceLabelDISCOGRAPH
  • 04h24
    The Little Rabbits - In the bathroom
    In the bathroomThe Little Rabbits (1998)
    AlbumYeah !LabelBARCLAY
  • 04h21
    The National - Guest room
    Guest roomThe National (2007)
  • 04h17
    Chuck E Weiss - Rocking in the kibbitz room
    Rocking in the kibbitz roomChuck E Weiss (1999)
    AlbumExtremely coolLabelRYKO.
  • 04h14
    Jj Cale - Cherry street
    Cherry streetJj Cale (2009)
    AlbumRoll onLabelBECAUSE
  • 04h12
    Shawn Lee - Gerrard street
    Gerrard streetShawn Lee (2006)
    AlbumStrings & ThingsLabelUBIQUITY