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FIP loves the UK!

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Nouvelle appli fip 2020
Nouvelle appli fip 2020 ©Radio France

Music is universal, and so is the FIP app. With its intuitive interface, its high quality audio, its way to save your favourite tracks and the track listing of everything played on air, your favourite French app now speaks English!

Thousands of you already listen to FIP every day (and night) across the channel… it’s time to thank you for your loyalty!  We believe everyone has the right to enjoy our eclectic  recommendations, highlights and playlists and that’s why the whole  application is now available in English.

Is groove your vibe ? Do you swear by rock? Or maybe you’re 100% FIP to the core? With your new home screen, you can switch easily between all our different themed stations. In one tap you can move from Club Jazzafip  to FIP Electro or even our essential playlist Reggae. However you’re feeling, you’ll find your soundtrack on the FIP app.

Want to know the release year, album title or label of a track? You got it. Or want to find that track on your favourite streaming service in one tap? You got it. With the FIP app, find out more about the music you’re listening to, and even watch the music video of your chosen track, without even leaving the app.

Are you someone that makes a note of all your musical discoveries ? Well now you can forget about post-its and scraps of paper: your new FIP app allows you to use your phone to save all your favourite tracks heard on FIP and its genre radios.  If you’ve got a Spotify  or Deezer  account, you can even export this list to listen to it again and again on your chosen streaming service.

Listen, Discover, Find, Explore
Listen, Discover, Find, Explore ©Radio France

You know it was good but you didn’t check what it was ? No worries, the new FIP app allows you to search back in all tracks played for the past 2 weeks.  From this screen, you can find out more about the track and even add it easily to your favourites.

To enjoy all these new features, just download the app by clicking on the relevant icon below. If your phone is in English (or any language other than French), the FIP app will be displayed automatically in English.  Enjoy!

To take advantage of all these new features today, just download the new FIP app by clicking on one of the links below, depending on your phone model:      

Alexa UK
Alexa UK ©undefined

Also FIP is now available on Amazon Alexa in the UK in English! 

Launch "FIP Radio" on your Amazon Echo by asking “Alexa, open FIP” and listen to our live radio and our 8 online genre radios : rock, pop, electro, jazz, groove, world, reggae and discovery.

FIP on Alexa adapts to your preferences and will propose the last radio you listened to each time you start the skill. You can ask for the full list of radios at any time by saying “Alexa, ask Fip to give me the list”.