Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h01 : Generique Club Jazz A Fip
19h05 : Staying There
19h10 : Born
19h18 : Fix It In The Mix
19h23 : Me N You
19h29 : Once I Loved
19h34 : La Chute
19h41 : I M Beginning To See The Light
19h48 : Bo Diddley Special
19h54 : Put The Shoe On The Other Foot
19h59 : She S Gone
20h05 : Song For My Brother
20h10 : Come Around
20h15 : Evan
20h22 : Did You Call Her Today
20h32 : Turquoise
20h37 : It Could Happen To You
20h45 : Basin Street Blues
20h49 : Walk In The Night
20h56 : Expense Account