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Programmation musicale

19h00 : Montara
19h06 : Montara
19h16 : Club Jazz A Fip Avec Gaelle Renard Et Francois Lacharme
19h17 : Summertime
19h27 : La Mer
19h33 : Everybody Loves The Sunshine
19h43 : Simple Beautiful
19h48 : Children S World
19h59 : Bluesongo
20h03 : Kushy
20h06 : Asi Se Compone Un Son
20h12 : Cayuco
20h18 : Tobacco Road
20h33 : Prayer For Passive Resistance
20h41 : Introduction
20h42 : The Cricket Song
20h44 : Blues In The Night
20h48 : Got My Mojo Working
20h51 : If I Were A Bell