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Programmation musicale

19h02 : Flying Easy
19h07 : Voices Inside
19h11 : Free
19h16 : The Joint
19h21 : You And I
19h27 : Don T You Worry Bout A Thing
19h35 : Don T Worry About A Thing
19h41 : Don T Worry If There S Hell Bellow..
19h48 : Black President
19h53 : Blues On The Corner
19h59 : East Of The Sun
20h04 : Song Of Medina
20h11 : Lo So De Mieja Nueit
20h17 : Ever After
20h23 : Have You Ever Had The Blues
20h28 : Buried Alive In The Blues
20h30 : Aus De Banana
20h37 : Cubano Chant
20h40 : A Monterey Jam
20h55 : So What