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Programmation musicale

19h00 : Dawn In Manhattan
19h07 : The Sun Is Shining
19h10 : Sunrise Blues
19h15 : The Sun Didn T Shine
19h17 : The House Of The Rising Sun
19h22 : I Got The Sun In The Morning
19h25 : New Sun In The Sky
19h28 : Everything Under The Sun
19h35 : Just In Time To See The Sun
19h38 : I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun
19h44 : African Sunrise
19h54 : Things Behind The Sun
19h58 : Sunshine Of Your Love
20h01 : Canadian Sunset
20h07 : Midnight Sun
20h14 : Black Hole Sun
20h18 : Sun Oh Son
20h22 : Sunshine Alley
20h32 : Softly As In A Morning Sunrise
20h34 : Misty
20h38 : Two Of A Kind
20h45 : Brown Bossa
20h49 : Siete Potencias
20h55 : Blues Skies