Programmation musicale

19h01 : A Day In The Life
19h06 : A Hard Day S Night
19h10 : Oh Happy Day
19h15 : The Day After
19h25 : Today I Sing The Blues
19h28 : Why I Sing The Blues
19h37 : You Lucky Dog
19h41 : Sweet Home Chicago
19h49 : Sweet Sweetback S Theme
19h56 : Tony S Theme
20h02 : Motel
20h06 : Le Mepris
20h14 : L Eau A La Bouche Black March
20h16 : Black Trombone
20h18 : Trombone Butter
20h22 : Four Play
20h25 : Get Serious Get A Job
20h29 : Out Of My Mind
20h31 : Out Of My Mind
20h41 : Have You Ever Loved A Woman
20h49 : Hear My Train A Comin
20h58 : For What It S Worth