Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h00 : Generique Paddy Club Jazz A Fip 1
19h01 : Welcome To New York
19h05 : New York S My Home
19h09 : Take The A Train
19h22 : Manhattan
19h27 : Harlem Nocturne
19h31 : On My Way To Harlem
19h39 : Mr New York
19h45 : New York Mambo
19h47 : Tambori
19h52 : Harlem
19h55 : Harlem Dreams
20h01 : The Bronx
20h05 : Bronx Blues
20h16 : New York City Blues
20h22 : On Broadway
20h25 : Broadway
20h28 : These Foolish Things
20h30 : These Foolish Things
20h34 : Ain T Necessarily So
20h41 : Star Eyes
20h44 : Them Changes
20h50 : Introduction By E. Rodney Jones Of Radio Station Wvon Chicago
20h51 : Sun Oh Son