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Programmation musicale

19h01 : My Chiken G
19h06 : Chicken
19h14 : Chicken Dog
19h20 : Chicken Grease
19h25 : Bob Fish
19h28 : Gone Fishin
19h31 : I M Gonna Go Fishin
19h35 : Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky
19h40 : Ain T It Funky Now
19h50 : So Dam Funky
19h54 : Crazy
19h58 : Crazy He Calls Me
20h01 : Crazy She Calls Me
20h04 : Oh You Crazy Moon
20h08 : Crazy Rhythm
20h11 : Listen To Monk
20h17 : Welcome To The Jungle
20h20 : Jungle Fantasy
20h24 : Jungle
20h28 : Down In Jungletown
20h32 : Dr. Feelgood
20h39 : If I Had A Hammer
20h45 : Little Ghetto Boy
20h50 : Use Me
20h58 : Come Together