Liste des titres ;

Programmation musicale

19h11 : Les Amoureux Des Bancs Publics
19h14 : Gottingen
19h16 : La Petite Cantate
19h20 : Only These Things Counts
19h26 : Ocean Wave
19h32 : The Calypsonians
19h39 : Circulation Automobile A New York
19h40 : Wrong Side Of The Road
19h45 : Harlem Nocturne
19h48 : Jazz Corner Of The World
19h56 : Ballades En Automne
19h57 : The Second Night
20h00 : I M A Fool To Want You
20h04 : Air Mail
20h11 : Papa Was A Rolling Stone
20h17 : Yes We Can Can
20h23 : I Ve Got To See You Tonight
20h27 : Me And My Clock
20h29 : Rock Steady
20h32 : River Deep Mountain High
20h36 : Listen Here
20h49 : Blues For Oliver
20h57 : Hurricane Come And Gone / Moonlight City