Programmation musicale

19h01 : On A Slow Boat To China
19h07 : Night Cruise
19h11 : The Man From Potter S Crossing
19h16 : Piri Piri
19h23 : As We Flight
19h29 : Nympheas Blues
19h35 : I Need Some Air
19h39 : Love Enough
19h45 : You Can T Teach An Old Dog New Trick
19h48 : Two Feet In The Gutter
19h56 : Miss Falk S Dog
20h01 : Staying There
20h06 : Stranger
20h11 : Feeling Of Jazz
20h18 : Along Came Betty
20h23 : The Way You Look Tonight
20h30 : Season Of The Witch
20h42 : Manish Boy
20h47 : Proud Mary
20h53 : The Cisco Kid