Programmation musicale

19h01 : Bonnie Be Good
19h05 : Caravan
19h07 : Tunisian Fantasy
19h20 : Bass Duet
19h26 : All The Things You Are
19h33 : Just One Of Those Things
19h40 : Straight Out
19h45 : My Favorite Things
19h48 : Aquarius
19h52 : A Pou Zot
19h58 : Man
20h04 : Natural Blend
20h08 : Move Your Hand
20h17 : Pass The Peas
20h29 : Summer Country Song
20h33 : Medley Pablito Almeno Tu Nell Universo Live
20h39 : I Wish I Knew
20h45 : Intro
20h52 : Ganges Groove
20h58 : On Your Feet Boy