Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h03 : Sweet Darling Pain
19h09 : Sweet Little Angel
19h14 : Sweet Taste Of Love
19h22 : Taste On The Place
19h29 : Strange Place For Snow
19h36 : The Embrace
19h41 : Everybody S Got To Learn Sometime
19h45 : Everybody S Gotta Learn Sometime
19h51 : Simply Beautiful
19h55 : I Ll Stay
20h03 : Mr. Clean
20h16 : Fat Mama
20h20 : Salty Mama Cassoulet
20h24 : Mama I Gotta Brand New Thing
20h28 : Mama Feelgood
20h33 : Harlem/cold Baloney
20h47 : Hey Girl
20h51 : I Ve Been Loving You Too Long
20h59 : Twistin The Night Away