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Programmation musicale

19h01 : Holiday Flight
19h06 : Cantaloupe Island
19h13 : Back To The Island
19h19 : I Want You Back
19h21 : My Pussin
19h25 : Cal S Bluedo
19h30 : Howling For Judy
19h35 : .....alta
19h38 : Montreal
19h44 : Rock It Better
19h48 : Close To Me
19h52 : A Forest
19h57 : Trinkle Tinkle
20h06 : Trinkle Tinkle
20h13 : Get It Straight
20h16 : Liquid Spirit
20h20 : Soul Clap
20h23 : You Roam When You Don T Get It At Home
20h29 : Twistin The Night Away
20h30 : Twistin The Night Away
20h35 : Use Me
20h44 : Slippin Into Darkness
20h53 : Bring It On Home