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Programmation musicale

19h00 : Generique Club Jazz A Fip
19h01 : Flowering Stones
19h08 : Shlosre
19h12 : Children Of The Ghetto
19h19 : Mala
19h25 : Billie Doo
19h32 : One Foot In The Gutter
19h43 : Buddy Bolden S Blues
19h48 : Nana Jarnell
19h54 : Be Careful With A Fool
19h59 : Things Ain T What They Used To Be
20h05 : Everything Happens To Me
20h12 : Summertime
20h17 : You Will Known
20h23 : Soulville
20h34 : Little Wing
20h46 : Bold As Love
20h54 : Red House