Programmation musicale

19h01 : Funky Tumbao
19h04 : Rice And Beans
19h08 : On Green Dolphin Street
19h13 : Waltz For Jb
19h19 : I Wish I Knew
19h24 : The Beat Goes On
19h32 : Black Snake Blues
19h36 : Bo Diddley Special
19h42 : Back Door Man
19h48 : None Shall Wander
19h54 : Born
20h02 : La Douceur
20h07 : Chiaro
20h12 : Gettin And Jettin
20h20 : To Beat Or Not To Beat
20h24 : Bernie S Tune
20h31 : Have You Met Ms. Jones?
20h37 : 52 Nd Street Theme
20h41 : When I Fall In Love
20h48 : A Night In Tunisia