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Programmation musicale

19h00 : Monday Stroll
19h05 : It S Monday Every Day
19h09 : Call It Stormy Monday
19h12 : Freedom Monday
19h18 : Freedom Jazz Dance
19h25 : Freedom
19h30 : You Got To Have Freedom
19h37 : Newport Bounce
19h43 : Swingin At Newport
19h51 : Swing Set
19h56 : The Bomb
19h59 : Once Upon A Time
20h00 : Once Upon A Time
20h06 : Cryin Time
20h09 : Ain T Got Time
20h14 : Papa Was A Rollin Stone
20h25 : You Roam When You Don T Get It At Home
20h29 : Nature Boy
20h32 : Nature Boy
20h40 : News From Blueport
20h48 : Nighttime
20h56 : Luki