Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h00 : Fusion De Styles
19h04 : Comme Ils Disent
19h08 : Swingin
19h30 : Samba In Preludio / Samba Em Preludio
19h39 : Sinbad
19h52 : With My Maker
20h05 : Jeannine
20h20 : Romantisme Cong
20h25 : Mystery
20h30 : Willie And The Hand Jive
20h34 : Cry Me A River Blues
20h38 : Cleanhead S Blues
20h43 : I Got A Gal
20h46 : Since I Met You Baby
20h49 : Goin Back To L.a.
20h51 : You Look Better Out
20h56 : Little Esther S Blues