Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h00 : The Perfect Man
19h04 : Dance Of The Living Image
19h09 : If I Should Care
19h14 : Life S A Little Blue
19h21 : La Douceur
19h26 : Waltz For Jb
19h31 : Metafizyka
19h39 : I Didn T Know What Time It Was
19h46 : Death Row Blues
19h49 : Don T Let The Devil Ride
19h53 : Ready To Ride
19h57 : Some Kinda Blues
20h03 : The Gift
20h09 : Rue Serpente
20h15 : On The Cliff
20h20 : Candy
20h30 : Happylypso / Funji Mama
20h38 : Sometimes I M Happy
20h41 : Feelin Happy
20h48 : Get Happy
20h52 : The Happy Sheik