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Programmation musicale

19h07 : Clubland
19h12 : Missin Miles
19h17 : Art Deco
19h23 : Teddy
19h29 : You Touch My Brain
19h33 : La Mescha
19h40 : I Wish I Knew
19h44 : Girl Talk
19h47 : The Return Of Mohamed
19h53 : What A Little Moonlight Can Do
19h59 : Through The Sun
20h04 : Sonny Could Lick All Them Cats
20h08 : The Woman That Got Away
20h11 : Ascenseur Pour L Echafaud
20h16 : Don T Let Me Be Misunderstood
20h17 : Don
20h21 : Nympheas Blues
20h29 : Club Jazz A Fip Avec Gaelle Renard Et Frederic Charbaut
20h31 : Summertime
20h43 : Comin Home Baby
20h52 : Down
20h59 : Kickin It