Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h00 : Transcendence
19h06 : Anthem For The Earnest
19h12 : Ways Of Light
19h18 : Cubano Chant
19h25 : Uptight
19h32 : Dizzy Spells
19h37 : I Come From Jamaica
19h40 : Menelik The Lion Of Juda
19h43 : I Wanna Be Like You
19h48 : Oop Bop Sh Bam
19h51 : Bohemia After Dark
19h54 : One Cylinder
20h01 : Joke
20h08 : Expansions
20h16 : Can T Buy Me Love
20h20 : Hey Jude
20h23 : Smells Like Teen Spirit
20h26 : In Walked Bud
20h31 : Manish Boy
20h36 : The Thrill Is Gone
20h44 : Drunken Hearted Boy
20h51 : Pass It On
20h58 : Wait Until Tomorrow