Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h01 : Hercab
19h08 : Alexander
19h13 : Multikulti Soothsayer
19h18 : Wide Open
19h22 : Gottingen
19h25 : Vous M Eblouissez
19h28 : I Cover The Waterfront
19h33 : Sotto Le Stelle Del Jazz
19h37 : Ly Ngua O
19h40 : The Siamese Cat Song
19h43 : Duke S Theme
19h48 : Lazarus
19h52 : Silent Feet
20h00 : Chain Of Fools
20h03 : All The Things You Are
20h08 : O Amor Em Paz
20h10 : Dolores In A Shoestand
20h19 : As The Crow Flies
20h26 : In The Mississippi River
20h30 : Concerto En Fa Pour Piano Et Orchestre
20h31 : Baby Please Don T Go
20h34 : Soon Forgotton
20h39 : Corrina Corrina
20h42 : After Hours
20h48 : Garbage Man
20h54 : Howlin Wolf