Programmation musicale

19h01 : J Attendrai
19h07 : Maramao Perche Sei Morto
19h11 : Don T Stop The Dance
19h13 : Jungle Blues
19h17 : The Rack
19h21 : Auld Lang Syne
19h24 : Greensleeves
19h40 : Body And Soul
19h45 : Song Of Medina
19h52 : Istanbul Sur Ma Derive Asiatique
19h59 : All Is Peace
20h03 : Boonghusa
20h09 : The Sheep That Said Moo
20h13 : Des Trucs Pareils Part 1c
20h17 : Odd Compulsions
20h26 : Sunny
20h32 : Guajira Controversial
20h45 : Descargas De Contrabajos