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Programmation musicale

19h01 : Kuru/speak Like A Child
19h10 : A Chair In The Sky
19h16 : Goodbye Porkpie Hat
19h17 : Goodbye Pork-pie Hat
19h20 : Boogie Stop Shuffle
19h25 : Glenntleman
19h28 : Smoky City
19h31 : Smoky City
19h38 : Salazar
19h45 : Do I Love You
19h51 : Portrait Of Cendrine
19h57 : Bamboo Forest
20h01 : The Same Thing
20h04 : Sequoia
20h09 : Sexual Healing
20h14 : Souls
20h17 : Chiaro
20h23 : Sweet Little Angel
20h28 : Baby You Ve Got What It Takes
20h31 : In Your Own Sweet Way
20h49 : If I Were A Bell