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Programmation musicale

19h01 : El Guije
19h05 : Sin Clave Pero Con Swing
19h14 : Papa Was A Rolling Stone
19h16 : Papa Fue
19h20 : Son De Tiquicia
19h21 : Son De Tiquicia
19h24 : Lobsterbans
19h25 : Lobsterband
19h31 : Ravine Gabouldin
19h36 : Par Cheminement
19h44 : Jive Samba
19h52 : Take The A Train
19h57 : Quiet The Cat
20h02 : Down The Road A Piece
20h05 : Smoke On The Water
20h10 : It Don
20h15 : Navaronne
20h19 : 125th St And 7th Avenue
20h23 : Explorations Jazz Step
20h32 : Blue Hodge
20h40 : This Guy S In Love With You
20h52 : Subconscious Lee
20h59 : Soft Winds