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Programmation musicale

19h02 : Check In At The Duc
19h15 : The Beat Goes On
19h21 : Quiet Dawn /examples Of Twelves Rem
19h26 : Stereoface
19h32 : I Ll Be Your Wings
19h39 : Like Leaves In The Wind
19h44 : Take Five
19h49 : Que Se Sepa
19h52 : Nabori
19h57 : Moliendo Cafe
19h59 : Manteca
20h06 : Meci Bon Dieu
20h11 : Vaudou Zepole
20h19 : Hope Is A Thing With Feathers
20h27 : I Believe To My Soul
20h36 : Summertime
20h46 : Comin Home Baby
20h57 : Down