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Programmation musicale

19h01 : Yes I Can No You Can T
19h08 : Oye Como Va
19h13 : Little B S Poem
19h22 : Love Is Blindness
19h26 : In Viaggio
19h31 : Sensuality
19h38 : Hardgroove
19h43 : Vaudou Zepole
19h51 : Kinky
19h54 : The Classic
19h57 : Thinkin About Your Body
20h00 : Body And Soul
20h07 : Body Talk
20h15 : Have A Talk With God
20h18 : God Make Me Funky
20h23 : Good God
20h27 : Good Mood
20h34 : Bird Head Son
20h47 : So What
20h54 : Blues Skies
20h59 : Down By The River