Programmation musicale

19h01 : Invocation
19h09 : No Mystery
19h15 : Catch You When You Fall
19h21 : When Can I See You
19h28 : Friends Call Her Dot
19h32 : Denise Bandeira
19h35 : Cubano Chant
19h40 : The Blackwidow Blues
19h47 : Fat Time
19h55 : This Is Hip
19h58 : Big Bad Daddy Cool
20h03 : Man In The Fog
20h09 : I Ain T No Johnny Mercer
20h12 : Been Caught Stealing
20h17 : Peine Perdue
20h23 : Labour In The Vineyard
20h28 : Hip Hoppin
20h33 : Opening Introduction
20h34 : The Best Things In Life Are Free
20h35 : Frankie And Johnny
20h38 : Dat Dere
20h42 : Chameleon
20h53 : On Broadway