Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h01 : Chez Max Coiffeur Pour Hommes
19h03 : Shave And A Haircut
19h06 : I M Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair
19h10 : Let Your Hair
19h14 : Le Coiffeur
19h24 : The Girl From Ipanema
19h27 : Ascensore Per Il Paradiso
19h32 : Ascenseur Pour L Echafaud Generique
19h35 : Another Hair Do
19h38 : Midnight In Carlotta S Hair
19h45 : Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair
19h47 : Change Of Hair
19h54 : Little Red Haired Girl
19h59 : The Color Of Her Hair
20h01 : Elevator Boogie
20h04 : I M Gonna Keep My Hair Parted
20h06 : Little Curly Hair In High Chair
20h13 : Black Is The Color Of My True Love S Hair
20h17 : When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver
20h19 : Chez Le Coiffeur
20h20 : A Light Wind Blew Through Your Hair
20h26 : Moon In Your Hair
20h32 : With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair
20h35 : Coiffeur
20h36 : All Blues
20h49 :
20h58 : Dahlin S Delight