Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h01 : The Present
19h06 : Music Is My Husband
19h11 : Criss Cross
19h17 : The Beat Goes On
19h25 : Feeling Good
19h29 : Hope Is A Thing With Feathers
19h36 : How High The Moon
19h44 : Be Cool
19h49 : But I Was Cool
19h52 : This Island Earth
19h56 : Jungle Blues
20h00 : Worried Life Blues
20h04 : Solitude
20h10 : Samba Da Bencao
20h16 : Samba Em Preludio
20h23 : Wave
20h29 : Surrey With The Fringe On Top
20h31 : Surrey With The Fringe On Top
20h51 : Here S That Rainy Day