Programmation musicale

19h00 : Teyl
19h05 : Hounen-bushi
19h10 : Bleak Bird
19h17 : Moppin And Boppin
19h21 : Are You Hep To The Jive
19h24 : One O
19h26 : Rhumba-finale
19h31 : Buddy
19h41 : Way You Look Tonight
19h51 : Four Brothers
19h54 : If You Wanna Be A Woman
20h01 : Crazy Race
20h03 : Vibrafinger
20h09 : Visitor From Mars
20h10 : Visitor From Mars
20h16 : Papa Was A Rolling Stone
20h23 : Vero
20h29 : It S A Man S Man S Man S World
20h30 : It S A Man S Man S Man S World
20h37 : Have You Ever Loved A Woman
20h45 : I Need You So
20h50 : Out Of My Mind