Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h00 : Chill Out
19h05 : Whiskey And Wimmen
19h09 : Sonny Boy
19h14 : Petite Creature
19h18 : Petite Fleur
19h23 : A Flower Is A Lonesome Thing
19h29 : So Close So Far
19h36 : Crosstown Traffic
19h42 : Yes I Can No You Can T
19h49 : Flying Easy
19h54 : Mau Mau
20h01 : Now S The Time
20h04 : Relax Max
20h07 : The Ballad Of Johnny Cool
20h10 : This Island Earth
20h14 : Just Us Blues
20h20 : Willow Weep For Me
20h29 : Another Sunday Psalm
20h34 : Forever Shall We Wait