Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h00 : Generique Club Jazz A Fip
19h01 : If I Should Care
19h06 : Let S Get Lost
19h10 : Bebe
19h17 : Mood Indigo
19h22 : The Recitic
19h28 : All Things Gone Blue
19h31 : L Ile Des Pins
19h37 : Toutes Les Fees Etaient La
19h43 : Running After Years
19h49 : Ralph J. Gleason Blues
19h57 : Little Red Rooster
20h03 : Barbecue Blues
20h06 : Tobacco Road
20h07 : Tobacco Road
20h12 : Doll Is Mine
20h18 : Make Today Today
20h23 : Sunshower
20h31 : How About You
20h39 : Dance For Victor
20h46 : Twisted Blues Belgium
20h51 : Walk In The Night
20h58 : Trio