Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h01 : This And My Heart
19h05 : Visions
19h09 : Pastime Paradise
19h18 : Afro Jaws
19h25 : He S A Superstar
19h31 : T Plays It Cool
19h35 : Trains By Night
19h40 : Night Train
19h42 : Take The A Train
19h46 : Manhattan Murals Take The A Train
19h54 : Blue Samba
19h59 : Samba De Orfeu
20h05 : Take It Easy My Brother Charlie
20h08 : Charley My Boy
20h10 : Spy Boy / Flag Boy
20h14 : Common Free Style
20h20 : Compared To What
20h27 : Supermarket Blues
20h32 : It Ain T Necessarily So
20h51 : Comin Home Baby