Programmation musicale

19h00 : Lyne For Lyons
19h04 : Ooh Shoobee Doobee
19h08 : Mama Too Tight
19h14 : Arroyo
19h21 : Rakin And Scrapin
19h31 : Torero
19h36 : Take Five
19h45 : When Joanna Loved Me
19h50 : A Bout De Souffle
19h54 : I Ve Got It Bad
20h14 : Affect Stories
20h19 : Just One Of Those Things
20h21 : Wonderwall
20h25 : Horny Biker
20h29 : If I Were A Bell
20h30 : If I Were A Bell
20h42 : Lady Sings The Blues
20h49 : Round Midnight
20h59 : The Recluse