Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h01 : Wednesday Night Hop
19h04 : Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting
19h10 : Hold On Me
19h14 : The Boys Doin It
19h18 : Blues For Brother George Jackson
19h21 : Loose Duck
19h28 : Mi Negra Ave Maria
19h34 : My River Runs To You
19h39 : No Surprises
19h41 : Paranoid Android
19h50 : Dead Sea Scrolls
20h03 : I Ll Stay
20h10 : Sparkle City
20h16 : Down Here On The Ground
20h23 : Let S Go Get Stoned
20h26 : I Like The Things About Me
20h29 : Nippon Soul
20h31 : Nippon Soul
20h41 : Cheek To Cheek
20h45 : Jam Session
20h55 : Segue In C