Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h00 : I M Just A Lucky So And So
19h03 : Beale Street Blues
19h11 : Big Nick
19h19 : All Or Nothing At All
19h26 : 1960 What?
19h38 : Next Move
19h43 : Blue Cee
19h51 : Eastwind
19h57 : Dolores In A Shoestand
20h06 : Le Petit Hotel Du Grand Large
20h09 : Le Petit Cafe De Montmartre
20h16 : D Fish
20h19 : Mr Blue
20h24 : Homesteader
20h29 : Get Happy
20h30 : Get Happy
20h39 : Happy Times Iv E Got To Get It
20h46 : Make Someone Happy
20h53 : Happy Go Lucky Local