Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h00 : Paddyjazzmixclub 1
19h01 : Like An Ant In The Grass
19h08 : Flying Easy
19h13 : Fancy Free
19h24 : Night In Tunisia
19h30 : Joshua
19h34 : Backward Country Boy Blues
19h41 : Cubano Chant
19h48 : Nat King Cole- Quincy Jones
19h54 : Papa S Got A Brand New Bag
19h58 : Soul Power
20h05 : Where The Funk Is At
20h10 : Root Down
20h22 : Straighten Up And Fly Right
20h25 : Les Oignons
20h31 : Trane S Waltz
20h37 : Nica S Dream
20h43 : Maiden Voyage
20h53 : Something You Got
20h57 : Blue N Boogie