Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h00 : Generique Club Jazz A Fip
19h01 : On The Cliff
19h07 : Paul S Pal
19h12 : Exactly Like You
19h16 : Hot Blood
19h20 : Serenite
19h27 : Silver
19h32 : The Sidewinder
19h38 : Ship Without A Sail
19h44 : Have You Met Miss Jones
19h51 : Just An Herbie Vore
19h56 : Blues For Jean
20h02 : Do You Know What I Think?
20h07 : Shake Your Hips
20h10 : Lemon Pie
20h13 : You Can T Get Away
20h20 : Keepin Up With The Joneses
20h26 : Wigglin
20h31 : Mack The Knife
20h40 : Like Some Blues Man
20h50 : There Will Never Be Another You