Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h01 : Beyond The Ocean
19h05 : All Items
19h12 : Wild Is The Wind
19h16 : Go Li L Liza
19h23 : Motif
19h29 : Running After Years
19h35 : Toutes Les Fees Etaient La
19h41 : Playing
19h47 : Be Careful
19h53 : The Wind Comes In
19h59 : Don T Let The Devil Ride
20h03 : Nica S Dream
20h08 : Bernie S Tune
20h14 : Une Ile
20h21 : B Is For Butterfly
20h29 : Anabis
20h30 : Anabis
20h38 : Games
20h45 : On Green Dolphin Street
20h52 : What Is This Thing Called Love