Programmation musicale

19h00 : Mozart S Moment
19h05 : Middle Way
19h12 : Toutes Les Fees Etaient La
19h18 : Prelude/there S A Lull In My Life
19h23 : God Must Me A Boogie Man
19h28 : Boogie Stop Shuffle
19h33 : From South To North
19h37 : Traffik
19h42 : Smells Like Teen Spirit
19h45 : Mariposa
19h49 : Samba Miaou
19h58 : Love Is The Answer
20h03 : Afro Blue
20h09 : Hold Out Your Hand
20h12 : Freddie Freeloader
20h21 : Somewhere In Seoul
20h29 : Mosaique
20h30 : Mosaique
20h37 : Here S That Rainy Day Hamburg
20h45 : Fancy Free