Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h02 : In A Sentimental Mood
19h07 : You Do Somthing To Me
19h13 : Django
19h23 : Careful
19h30 : Night Has A Thousand Eyes
19h35 : How High The Moon
19h43 : Thanks For The Memory
19h48 : Le Cri
19h52 : Monchoachi Welele Nou
20h04 : Little Ease
20h08 : Love For Sale
20h13 : That Tired Routine Called Love
20h20 : Lonesome Lover
20h27 : Our Love Is Here To Stay
20h32 : Stella By Starlight
20h42 : Groovin High
20h50 : Summertime
20h59 : Star Eyes