Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h01 : Somebody Buy Me A Drink
19h04 : One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer
19h06 : Brandy And Beer
19h10 : Don T Drive Drunk
19h13 : Drinking Lab
19h19 : You And The Night And The Music
19h22 : Chorinho Brasileiro
19h26 : Um A Zero
19h29 : Zamba Ben
19h35 : Sookie Sookie
19h46 : The Girl From Paname
19h50 : Ode To Billie Joe
19h56 : Summertime
20h05 : Desillusion
20h09 : Gone Away
20h13 : I Ll Stay
20h21 : Faubourg Saint Denis
20h23 : .....alta
20h26 : Gogo Soul
20h28 : Rock Me Baby
20h31 : Rock Me Baby
20h40 : Drunken Hearted Boy
20h47 : Out Of My Mind
20h57 : Little By Little