Programmation musicale

19h01 : Mellow
19h05 : Midnight Lover
19h10 : Round Midnight
19h16 : Sexy Man
19h21 : Who S Makin Love
19h28 : Ummh
19h36 : Body Talk
19h44 : Feel Like Makin Love
19h49 : The Touch Of Your Lips
19h57 : Hot Lips Shows Her True Colors
19h59 : Spank A Lee
20h01 : Spank A Lee
20h08 : Satisfied N Tickled Too
20h13 : I Just Want To Make Love To You
20h16 : Juicy
20h22 : Use Me
20h26 : Hands Of My Love
20h27 : Why I Sing The Blues
20h32 : Why I Sing The Blues
20h37 : Worry Worry
20h45 : B.b. Jams With Guests
20h59 : Everyday I Have The Blues