Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h01 : Take The A Train
19h09 : Take The Coltrane
19h14 : Mr Knight
19h21 : Dawn
19h29 : Life On Mars
19h34 : Up From The Skies
19h45 : In From The Storm
19h48 : Red House
19h51 : Round About Midnight
19h58 : Greensleeves
20h02 : Simply Beautiful
20h06 : Feel Like Makin Love
20h12 : La Follia Italiana
20h20 : Surprises
20h26 : You Don T Know What Love Is
20h32 : How Blue Can You Get
20h37 : Got My Mojo Workin
20h40 : Little By Little
20h45 : Burning Desire
20h53 : Voodoo Chile