Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h00 : Nighttime Story
19h07 : Doll Is Mine
19h12 : Route De La Buissonne
19h18 : Lilly
19h22 : Hank S Tune
19h27 : Come Rain Or Come Shine
19h33 : Momento Magico
19h39 : Wine Dark Sea
19h47 : April Story
19h54 : Tin Pan Alley
20h03 : New York City Blues
20h09 : Tupelo
20h15 : Mood Indigo
20h20 : On A Turquoise Cloud
20h24 : Puente Quebrao
20h29 : For The Love Of You
20h30 : For The Love Of You
20h39 : But Not For Me
20h45 : Bye Bye Blackbird
20h55 : Danza Nueva