Programmation musicale

19h00 : Generique Paddy Club Jazz A Fip 1
19h01 : Aparecida
19h07 : Rage Against The Rom
19h12 : Le Temps Passe
19h15 : Vibraphone Blues
19h19 : Sometimes I M Happy
19h25 : My Home
19h32 : Something For Fred
19h36 : Freddie Freeloader
19h45 : I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
19h50 : B Is For Butterfly
19h57 : Butterfly
20h08 : Eunice K
20h14 : The Merchant And The Three Different
20h18 : Reminder
20h24 : Plurabella Strikes Again
20h27 : Plurabella Strikes Again
20h29 : See See Rider
20h49 : See See Rider
20h52 : C.c. Rider Got My Mojo Working
20h57 : Cc Rider