Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h01 : A Swiss Chalet In Winter
19h05 : Gary S Step
19h10 : La Follia Italiana
19h18 : Ever After
19h24 : My Romance
19h31 : Room 608
19h36 : Hackensack
19h42 : Only In It For The Money
19h46 : Money S Gettin Cheaper
19h50 : A Swiss Celebration
19h59 : From Rio To Havana
20h05 : Ac Cent Tchu Ate The Positive
20h09 : Satin Doll
20h14 : Cantaloupe Island
20h19 : Boogaloo
20h24 : You Can Have Watergate But Gimme Som
20h32 : The Quota
20h35 : Live A Fip Peter Von Poehl-terakaft
20h37 : Novamo