Liste des titres :

Programmation musicale

19h01 : Top Hat White Tie And Tails
19h09 : Cheek To Cheek
19h12 : Slave To Love
19h15 : Direction
19h20 : Lotus Sun
19h24 : Children Of The Ghetto
19h31 : Fugue Avec Anais
19h38 : On Your Way Down
19h41 : Big Gap
19h46 : Egyptian Fantasy
19h50 : Do I Love You
19h56 : Reve D Opossum
20h00 : O Livre Atirador E A Pegadora
20h03 : North Africa
20h17 : All Blues
20h21 : Colchiques Dans Les Pres
20h25 : Far More Drums
20h29 : Lullaby
20h37 : I Want To Talk About You