Programmation musicale

19h02 : Some Soul Food
19h07 : Soul Food
19h16 : Givin Up Food For Funk
19h22 : Smokin And Drinkin
19h26 : Voci Dal Fiume
19h32 : Vine Street Rumble
19h36 : Un Scotch Un Bourbon Une Biere
19h38 : What S The Use Of Getting Sober
19h42 : The Piano Has Been Drinking
19h46 : La Champagne
19h52 : Champagne
19h56 : Champagne And Quail
19h59 : Champagne Taste
20h03 : Clink Clink Another Drink
20h05 : Camino De Felicidad
20h09 : Ano Nuevo Y Reyes
20h16 : Pastime Paradise
20h24 : Another Star